What Is Space Force Pitch Day?

Space Force Pitch Day is an event to continue the U.S. Space Force’s initiative to demonstrate a faster and smarter strategy in technology investments and partnerships with small and non-traditional businesses. As critical sources of innovative new ideas and solutions, the USSF is inviting small businesses and companies to pitch their new technology solutions and concepts that target the Space Force’s most critical Space challenges. 

During the first-ever Air Force Space Pitch day in November 2019, over 60+ startups and small businesses showcased their space technology in a two-day event help in San Francisco, Ca. There were esteemed keynotes, expert panels, innovative startup pitches, a dynamic expo floor of 60+ booths, and contract awards for small businesses.

Space Force Pitch Day will be awarding on the spot contract awards available to small businesses from the USSF and possibly more funding from direct access to Venture Capital. The Space and Missile Systems Center is using this day as a way of connecting your BIG ideas with our country’s REAL military space challenges.

Focus Areas

  1. Innovation in early missile detection and warning
  2. Space Situational Awareness
  3. Space communications
  4. Space visualization
  5. Multi-Domain Command and Control,
  6. Data Mining
  7. Operations within Electronically contested environments
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Responsive Launch Systems
  10. Space Logistics
  11. Protection of Critical Space Assets

Where Is the Event Taking Place?

This virtual event will take place August 19 2021. Grab tickets HERE.